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Combined Programme 2

Non-Fiction 4 Films

This combined programme includes recent work by Graeme Arnfield, Jooyeon Lee, Gerard Ortín Castellví.



Future Foods I Gerard Ortín Castellví | 2021 | Spain, UK

“Food out of Thin Air”. Future Foods centres around a recorded telephone conversation in which the CEO of the Finnish Food Tech company discusses a new protein product developed through a cutting-edge process of microbe fermentation. Produced from water, electricity and air, “Solein” is the world’s most sustainable protein and is not limited by land availability or the use of animals, agriculture and aquaculture. The interview unfolds over images collected within the workshop of a UK prop manufacturer that observe – from beginning to end – the production process of fake meat made for film and television: from moulding and casting to hand painting the skin of a plastic cooked chicken. Continuing his exploration of the intersections between technology, industry and ecology, Ortín’s film presents a strange and troubling vision for the food of tomorrow.


Back to Back I Jooyeon Lee | 2021 | Republic of Korea

Filmed during lockdown, Back to Back is a performance film about care centred around a phone conversation between a cleaning agency employee and a woman trying to empty a locked fridge. When the two women meet-up they engage in a strange dance through the streets of Seoul, locked together back-to-back in a movement of mutual support and dependence.


Pervading Animal I Graeme Arnfield | 2021 | UK

Graeme Arnfield’s kaleidoscopic essay film revolves around the story of Dr. Joseph Popp, an evolutionary biologist and architect of one of the earliest known examples of ransomware. In 1989, Dr. Popp distributed 20,000 floppy disks containing what would come to be known as the digital AIDS virus – a malevolent trojan horse that scrambled the contents of the victims’ computers and offered to unlock them only in return for a ‘licensing fee.’ Working with a range of digitally manipulated found footage, Arnfield explores the legacy of Popp’s virus drawing surprising connections to the US invasion of Panama, the construction of a butterfly conservatory in New York and the aesthetics of computational art.


Graeme Arnfield, Jooyeon Lee and Gerard Ortín Castellví in conversation with Jesse Cumming