The Choice (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 5m

As their aunt sits on life-support in intensive care, a family gathers to discuss her condition and plan the next steps. There is little chance of recovery, yet decisions must still be made. Over the course of a single, hour-long unbroken take, Gu Xue silently and expertly observes the family discuss the fifth aunt’s fate and argue over who will be responsible—financially and practically—for her continued care. A chamber play in one act, The Choice is a quietly gripping, anthropologically-attuned drama examining the complex dynamics, hierarchies and internal conflicts of a Chinese family living through its darkest hour.

Screens with: Summer Is Gone [Audio] | Ping Zhao | 2019 | UK | 5”

In partnership with Chinese Visual Festival.

Available to book here. All films included in this package will become available for viewing on 9th September at midday.

Please note, this film is only available to view in the UK


Gu Xue



Bonus Content

23 mins
The Choice Director Q&A

Q&A with director Gu Xue. Hosted by Carol-Mei Barker. Translation by Deborah Chan.

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