The Building (2019)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 33m

Completed in 1928, Derzhprom Palace in Kharkov, Ukraine, was intended as an architectural embodiment of communism, and its constructivist design inspired a generation of avant-garde artists including Sergei Ejsenstein and Dziga Vertov. Mixing documentary and experimental film techniques, The Building is a kaleidoscopic portrait of this iconic structure, mapping its near century-long history that runs from the beginnings of the Soviet Union to the present day—where tourists and workers wander its vast halls. Weaving archival materials with contemporary images, filmmakers Kononenko and Mester condense a vast amount of passed (and passing) time into their poetic spatial study of a place where past and present coalesce.

Read a commissioned piece on the film by Carmen Gray here.

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Please note, this film is only available to view in the UK


Matilda Mester



Bonus Content

30 mins
The Building Director Q&A

Q&A with directors Matilda Mester and Tatiana Kononenko. Hosted by Yuliia Kovalenko.

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