Suspension (2019)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 13m

In the rainforests of Southern Colombia, an imposing, unfinished concrete highway stretches out across the Amazonian tree-line, its construction hindered by a combination of incompetence, political self-interest, and the obstinance of nature itself. Intended to replace the only existing route through the region—a perilous mountain pass known locally as the ‘springboard of death’—this new bypass stands abandoned: a road to nowhere. Laced with moments of deadpan humour, Suspension is a visually and intellectually rich study of grand scale human folly that makes clear the futility of this attempt to conquer nature.

In partnership with Cervantes Institute London.

Read a commissioned piece on the film by Penny Harvey here.

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Bonus Content

29 mins
Suspension director Q&A

Q&A with director Simon Uribe. Hosted by Michael Stewart.

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