The Viewing Booth

  • 3 films

In a darkened studio space, a young American student, Maia Levy, assesses a selection of videos depicting life in the West Bank. A committed supporter of Israel, Levy’s initial response to the material—most of which has been disseminated by the Human Rights organisation B’Tselem—is one of scepticism, suspicion and, at times, anger. However, as the viewing progresses, alternative perspectives are revealed to her which, if accepted, would threaten her most deeply held beliefs. From a deceptively simple set-up, The Viewing Booth builds into a complex, highly-charged examination of how media is constructed and consumed in the digital age.

Screens with: The Juicy Part [Audio] | Jess Shane | Australia | 5’

Once Upon a Screen: Explosive Paradox | Kevin B. Lee | 2020 | USA, Germany | 10’

Please be advised this film contains images of violence which some viewers might find distressing

Read a commissioned piece on The Viewing Booth by Chris Boeckmann here.

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Content included in this bundle

The Viewing Booth (2019)
  • Documentary
  • 1h 10m
Once Upon a Screen: Explosive Paradox (2020)
  • Documentary
  • 10min
The Juicy Part [Audio] (2020)
  • Documentary
  • 5min