Bird Island

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After a long period of isolation, Antonin, who suffers from chronic exhaustion, begins working at a bird rescue centre on Lake Geneva. Taking up an apprenticeship under the tutelage of a retiring supervisor, this young man gradually begins to reconnect with the world through the animals he cares for. The intimate and beautiful photography frames life inside the sanctuary like a nature diorama, with Antonin’s spare narration reflecting on days filled equally with routine tasks and small wonders. As he finds his way back into life, a world is revealed in which both injured birds and damaged souls can be healed.

Please be advised this film contains images of dead animals which some viewers might find distressing

Screens with: The People Who Feel [Audio] Ariana Martinez | 2019 | USA, UK | 4’

Read a commissioned piece on Bird Island by Margaret Salmon here.

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Content included in this bundle

Bird Island (2019)
  • Documentary
  • 60min
The People Who Feel [Audio] (2019)
  • Documentary
  • 4min